Georgia Supreme Court to rule on Gordon City Attorney appeal

ATLANTA, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The former Interim City Attorney of Gordon is asking the Georgia Supreme Court to overturn a Jasper County judge’s ruling that says Joseph Boone is the lawful city attorney.

Ronny Jones argued the Mayor appointed him as the interim city attorney last May after voting to remove Boone from the position. Jones claims the voting procedure was fair and Boone resigned the same night the vote was taken.

“He made a statement, he said ‘I don’t own this job, if you all want me to go, I’ll go. Just pay me my money.’ That in itself can be a resignation,” explained Jones. 

Boone’s attorney argues the comment was made in a heated moment and Boone had no intentions of ever resigning. Boone maintains the mayor didn’t follow the right voting procedure when she removed him from the position. Three council members voted in favor of his removal, two voted against it, and one chose not to vote. The mayor considered the council members decision to abstain from voting as a vote against Boone’s removal. She then cast the tie-breaking vote in favor of his removal. 

“This council has always considered an abstention as a nullity. It’s not a yes or a no, it’s a non-vote. This person says I abstain, well, that’s the common sense meaning of it anyway. I am not going to vote,” said Boone’s attorney James Green. 

The Georgia Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling on this appeal sometime within the next six months. 

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