Fire Department shares tips on how to stay safe while using fireworks

Interim Chief Edwards says most of the injuries come from improper use of fireworks.

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)— July 4th is Sunday, and the Macon-Bibb Fire Department wants you to stay safe if you buy fireworks this year.

While you may want to include fireworks in your plans, Macon-Bibb Interim Fire Chief, Shane Edwards, says you should follow these safety precautions:

  • Wearing safety goggles
  • Keeping your spectators at a safe distance
  • Being at least 150 feet away from a structure
  • Never light fireworks in your hand
  • Keep them away from your body
  • Never stand directly over any fireworks
  • If a firework doesn’t light, don’t pick it up and try to relight it
  • Never aim or throw fireworks at anyone

“After you’re finished with your program then take those fireworks and douse them. Douse them with water. Have a five gallon bucket full of water on standby. After they’ve cooled and at the end of your get together take those fireworks and place them in that bucket,” Interim Chief Edwards said.

Jason Pritchett is a supervisor of hazardous materials for the State Fire Marshals Office. He says there are two types of fireworks. One is a consumer firework that shoots in the air. The other is safe and sanes, which stay on the ground and emit showers of sparks.

“Only purchase fireworks materials that has intact packaging so you know the product is going to operate as intended and one of our biggest things is only purchase from authorized, licensed Georgia dealers,” Pritchett said.

Manager of Sky King Fireworks in Macon, Christopher Defreitas, advises to buy fireworks early this year due to a national shortage. He says no matter where you buy fireworks, there should be a pamphlet with safety tips available.

“How to carefully rig it, how to light it, how to connect everything together. The bags also have the safety tips on them just re-read them because these are explosives and they are dangerous so we would definitely recommend taking all the precautions,” Defreitas said.

Interim Chief Edwards says most of the injuries come from improper use of fireworks. He urges people to stay safe and use common sense. Most importantly, if you have an emergency call 911.

“We know that this is the time of the year where people are really, really ready to get back out, enjoy family, enjoy friends and have a great great safe weekend,” Interim Chief Edwards said.

As a reminder:

Macon-Bibb County has an ordinance that says fireworks must stop at midnight.

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