Doctor warns against Halloween costume contact lenses

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – “Proceed with caution, really,” said Halloween shopper Ray D’Alessio.

There’s a lot of scary stuff heading your way this Halloween.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year without a doubt,” said D’Alessio.

And it’s a lot of fun, but beware.

“There are some bad actors out there taking advantage of the excitement of the holiday season,” said Optometrist Dr. Russell Chambless.

Your eyes could be at risk because of something that you may think is safe to buy.

D’Alessio was out shopping for Halloween costumes Wednesday and heard about the lenses.

“I’ve never worn them personally myself, and I’ve never had the interest to wear them before and I think this just backs up my philosophy that I don’t really want to try to wear them,” said D’Alessio.

Chambless says that’s a good choice.

“You can get adverse effects like allergic conjunctivitis, edema, clouding of your vision, infection, even some more serious problems that can cloud your vision,” said Chambless.

You can pick them up in a lot of places.

“Whether it be gas stations, or beauty supply stores or Halloween costume stores,” said Chambless.

But those lenses may not have been approved by the proper medical professionals.

“I’m sure they’re not properly instructing people on the proper use and handling of the contacts and storing them properly,” said Chambless.

D’Alessio has some good advice.

“Me personally I would just tell them proceed with caution because again your eyes are one of the most important things you have,” said D’Alessio.

If you’re interested, Dr. Chambless has approved decorative contacts at his office.

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