Compromise for banning alcohol at Rosa Parks Square fails in committee meeting

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A compromise to ban alcohol at Rosa Parks Square failed in a Macon-Bibb committee meeting Tuesday afternoon. The controversy sparked after a beer festival took place at the park a couple of months ago.

Some people say it was disrespectful to Rosa Parks, while others disagreed and say it was just a way to get the community together. Mayor Reichert proposed a resolution that would have made the square into Rosa Parks Memorial, banning alcohol. As a compromise, he proposed making a park on Poplar Street between first and second street, called Poplar Street Commons.

The resolutions failed among commissioners in the committee meeting after a 2-2 vote.

Commissioner Elaine Lucas, who co-sponsored the resolution says she was shocked some commissioners didn’t agree.

“Everybody wasn’t on the same page for it,” said Commissioner Lucas. “But we’re bringing it back, it will be back in the next few weeks. We’ll rework it. We’ll talk with those commissioners who have concerns about it.”

Commissioner Lucas says she’ll present the topic again at next week’s commission meeting. It’ll have to be put back on the next committee’s agenda.

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