Coliseum Health System using Patient Portal

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A Middle Georgia hospital is leading the way in helping patients access their medical records.

Coliseum Northside Hospital and Coliseum Medical Centers are the only medical facilities in the area using Patient Portal.

“This would be great if it was done at more hospitals because it’s more convenient,” says Tia Hall.

Hall, a Coliseum Northside Hospital patient was introduced to the Patient Portal during her visit Tuesday afternoon.

“I have torn cartilage in my knee,” explains Hall, “I fell last year and I re-injured it this morning, seeing about my kid. I ran into the dresser and I had some swelling so I decided to come here today.”

Hall was admitted into the emergency room. But, the good news is she was able to set up her Patient Portal.

“When I go to the doctor’s office, it’s hard to get access to my medical records, because sometimes you have doctors that are busy and sometime even their nurses are too busy,” says Hall, “So it’s hard for them to get to a fax machine send off the information or even for them to return a phone call.”

Cable Dupree has worked in the Coliseum Northside Hospital Emergency Room for 12 years.

“Patient Portal is a way for our patients to access their medical records on-line,” says Dupree.”They can go in and print their lab results, and X-ray results for their doctors.”

Dupree says Patient Portal medical records are on a secure website.

“Patient Portal and Hospital Corporation of America (who owns Coliseum Health System) have encrypted the passwords,” added Dupree.

That means firewalls are in place and the patient only has a short amount of time to log in or else the website will time out.

Coliseum Health System has been using the Patient Portal since March without any incidents or complaints.

“The unique thing about about Patient Portal is it only gives patients access,” continued Dupree. “It gives you a private log in and a private password to set up.”

None of the medical staff, including doctors at the hospital have access to patients records on the website. It was created to be completely confidential, he says.


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