Board of Elections compromises on Macon-Bibb voting precincts

MACON,Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Macon-Bibb Board of Elections voted unanimously to reduce the number of voting precincts to 33 instead of the proposed 26, that’s according to Larry Smith with the Board of Elections.

The board developed a citizen advisory committee to hear the public’s opinion on the issue before making a decision.

The precinct change is a part of an effort to reduce Macon-Bibb’s general fund by 20%.

Some of the precincts were moved and some consolidated due to issues such as insufficient space, parking and electrical concerns.

Here’s a full list of the precincts changes:

East Macon                                                                                           Cause for consolidation/move

1. River Edge

2. St. Paul AME Church (adding Cross Keys UMC)                                          Significant communication issues

3. Northeast High School

4. New Griswoldville Baptist Church

5. East Macon Rec. Center (moving Florence Bernd School)                             Insufficient parking


1. Promise Center (combining Central Church and Pentecostal Temple)              Schedule issues (increased costs)

2. Memorial Gym

3. Beulahland Bible Church (moving Glenwood Hills Church)                              Parking & electrical concerns   

4. Bruce Elementary

5. Harvest Cathedral (Adding Jessie Rice School)


1. Covenant Life Cathedral (Agnes Barden & Morgan schools)

2. Lake Wildwood Clubhouse

3. Middle Ga. State College (adding Macon Mall)                                            Staff consistently late opening

4. The Well UMC

5. Hephzibah Children’s Home


1. Northway Church

2. Howard High School

3. Mabel White Baptist Church (adding North Macon Presbyterian Church)           Insufficient space for voters       

4. North Macon Park

5. McKibben Lane School

6. St. Francis Episcopal Church

7. Northside Christian Church


1. Mikado Baptist Church

2. Porterfield Baptist Church


1. Hope Academy

2. First Christian Church

3. Brookdale Academy

4. Greater Bellevue Baptist Church (Adding Joseph Riley School)

5. Northminister Presbyterian Church

6. Ingleside UMC

7. Board of Education Welcome Center


1. Lizella Baptist Church

2. Skyview School

In addition, some precinct boundaries will be adjusted from the old city boundaries (now non-existent) to more visible boundary lines.

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