Better Business Bureau warns Middle Georgia residents of phone scammers

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)- The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning Middle Georgians about phone scammers.

“Phone scams are still very popular among scammers because mainly what they’re catching at home are senior citizens,” says President and CEO Kelvin Collins of the BBB of Central Georgia in Macon.

Glenda Jackson, 68, says she was recently a victim.

“I told him I was not interested and he called every two minutes, and I saved the calls,” explained Jackson. “I got about 50 calls from him. He would not leave me alone.”

Jackson went to the BBB office in Macon to report the harassing phone calls. She says the phone scammer called while she was there.

“I said I’m here at the FBI’s office and I have someone that wants to speak with you,” she added.

She recalls the scammer hung up. But, it was not Jackson’s first encounter with a phone scammer. A man called and told her she won five million dollars and then gave her instructions.

“Do a Western Union thing and I told them well what was I suppose to put on this thing,” she continued. “He says you just get the thing and go back to your vehicle and we will tell you what to put on it.”

Collins says if the caller is using high pressure sales tactics, such as forcing you to make a quick decision, that’s a red flag something is wrong.

“When you get those telephone calls don’t always believe that the person on the other line is who they say they are,” he explained.”If someone is trying to steal your money, it’s not being rude by hanging up on them.”

According to Collins, elderly people are more likely to provide information over the phone. That makes them easy targets.

Jackson says one of her neighbors lost $2,600 to phone scammers.

“It’s scary because I don’t know how he got my number,” she says. “He couldn’t answer any of my questions.”

Jackson hopes no one else will experience what she went through.

If you have been a victim of a phone scam, you should report it to the BBB, and call your local law enforcement.

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