Apple must pay about $308M to Personalized Media Communications

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March 22, 2021

A federal jury in Texas said Apple must pay about $308 million to Personalized Media Communications for infringing a patent associated with digital rights management.

PMC, a licensing firm, had originally sued Apple in 2015 alleging the tech giant’s iTunes service infringed seven of its patents.

Apple told Bloomberg that it was disappointed with the ruling and would appeal.


Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook messenger have recovered from a major outage over the weekend.

Facebook, which owns Whatsapp and Instagram said it was a technical issue.

At one point during the outage, more than 100,000 users reported issues with Instagram on DownDetector, more than 24,000 users reported issues with Whatsapp, and more than 5,000 users reported issues with Facebook Messenger.


Robinhood is planning to beef up its cryptocurrency staff this year amid an explosion of interest in trading digital coins.

The CEO didn’t say exactly how many workers Robinhood will add to its crypto team.

Robinhood will soon add the ability to move crypto assets to and from a user’s digital wallet.


Smart tire technology exists, with tire companies adding special sensors to certain tires.

The sensors can tell you when under-inflated and worn out. Or they could warn you about a nail in the tread that, in a couple of days, will make the tire pressure warning light come on. They might even help you drive better, stop sooner and get better gas mileage. 

At this point, they’re mostly used on very expensive performance tires.

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