Angie’s List: The importance of a good irrigation system

This segment of Angie’s List Report explores how smart technology and careful design are upgrading the irrigation business.  

Angie Hicks, Angie’s List founder, says a good irrigation and sprinkler system can keep your lawn and landscaping healthy. But you want to make the best use of your resources.

“You can actually damage your lawn by watering too much or too little, and that’s the beauty of an automatic sprinkler system,” Angie said.

Jim Brandon, the owner of Landmark DBM, says modern technology makes irrigation systems more efficient than ever. Older seasonal programs require the homeowner to monitor the situation. 

“A lot of people get busy with their lives and forget to change the program, so it runs a lot throughout the hot months and then in the fall it gets cooler and it’s not needed,” Brandon said. “Maybe it’s a few weeks before they remember to go back and change the program, and it’s just been over watering things.”

But newer systems take the pressure off the homeowner.    

“There’s been some advancements in controllers that actually connect to WiFi and use the information to seasonally adjust,” Brandon said. “So that way as the weather gets hotter and driver, it turns it up, and then when cooler weather sets in, the irrigation controller is smart enough to turn it down. Water resources are important, and the industry has done a lot to try and use them wisely.”

Setting up sprinklers may sound simple, but irrigation is the kind of job you want a professional to complete. 

“Hiring a professional to install your sprinkler system is a good idea,” Angie said. “They’ll have the right tools, they’ll know exactly where to install the sprinkler heads for optimal water usage and will avoid hitting existing utilities.”

The expertise a professional brings to the situation can make a huge difference.  

“Another important thing is knowing what planets need a lot of water and what plants don’t,” Brandon said. “Having somebody that knows plants and what their requirements are is important to having an effective and efficient irrigation system.”

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