Repeat Weather, Changes Coming Soon

MACON, Georgia. (41NBC/WMGT) – It has been another warm and humid start to the day here in middle Georgia. Temperatures this morning were mostly in the mid-upper 60’s, though a few cities’ temperatures remained in the 70’s (McRae, Abbeville and Vienna). Our dew point temperatures (which show us at what atmospheric temperature water can condense and dew can form) were in the middle-upper 60’s as well. The closer the dew point temperature is to the observed temperature, the more humid and muggy it will feel outside. That was the case this morning. Also, a small gradient between dew point and temperature will lead to fog formation, which we also saw a bit of today too.

Post-tropical cyclone Bonnie is stationed over the coast of North Carolina. It has winds of 20 mph (basically just a low pressure system without any major threat). This low is transporting warm, moist air from the Atlantic Ocean to middle Georgia. A cold front is also approaching from the northwest. These two different air masses will be colliding, allow showers and storms to develop within the next few days.

Mostly cloudy skies are turning sunnier as clouds are pushing from west to east this morning. We are seeing a lot more sunshine right now. Skies will remain partly cloudy throughout the day today. Yesterday, we hit a high of 96 degrees. Today, I think we will hit about 94 degrees (increased cloud cover will hinder our high temperatures). I’m also keeping a 30% chance for afternoon storms in the forecast (due to diurnal heating, moisture increase and the low/cold front combination). Not everyone will run into a shower or storm today. However, where it does storm: heavy rain, frequent lightning and perhaps some small hail may be an issue.

Friday, the cold front will morph into a stationary front and sit over Kentucky/Tennessee while draping across the south-central portion of the United States. Expect a similar weather pattern to occur tomorrow, due to this set up. Looking ahead to the weekend, rain chances will increase. The cold front will finally have some movement and push further southward. As this occurs, we have a better chance at seeing more frequent rain/storms. Right now, Sunday looks like the most active for wet weather. The cold front will bring drier air and some cooler air with it.

Temperatures have been trending above average for the past week. The average at this time of year is 88 degrees, but as you know, we have been in the 90’s all week. From today onward, temperatures will be trending downward. The approaching cold front will attempt to cool us down. Don’t get too excited – it will still be warm. By the middle of next week, we will dry out as temperatures will drop into the mid-80’s. However, it will be a nice little break to have highs in the mid-80’s instead of the mid-90’s.

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