World’s Oldest Profession Continues in Macon

This week, 41NBC’s Rachel Schaerr did a great job highlighting an issue that is often ignored.  Some refer to it as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution.

Rachel hit the streets of Macon literally looking for prostitutes to find out why they do it.  She found one who explained her career as a prostitute in Macon started at a young age and was motivated by men and drugs.

We rarely get a chance to hear routinely overlooked people, such as prostitutes, discuss their life experience. This time we did.  Rachel’s story was an eye-opener that allowed us to not just hear why she does it, but we got to see the unspoken emotional distress a woman on Macon’s streets faces.

Police chose one of the coldest night’s of the year to find women walking the streets in neighborhoods across Macon.  They arrested two prostitutes in an undercover sting.  One of the women had more than 70 arrests.

Clearly, more needs to be done to help women realize there are other options. The solution probably isn’t going to come from city hall, the police department, or the courthouse.  That clearly hasn’t been working.  And based on our story, I believe it needs to start early with young girls, building them up to be proud women, future wives and mothers.  No one should be ashamed of who they are, but there has to be a solid foundation to make a woman proud of who she is.  She has to know that no amount of money is worth the cost that’s really paid.

I hope it’s not too late for the woman in Rachel’s story.

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