“There will be a recount”: Bibb County Board of Elections

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT)– President Donald Trump asks for a recount of votes in states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

His campaign tweeted Monday, “Legal votes decide the President, not the news media.”



Voting System Implementation manager, Gabriel Sterling, believes the President will make sure his voters get answers.

“They in their heart of hearts know… that something terrible happened, and that their guy lost, and it’s not fair. When we’re this close and emotions run this high, it’s understandable. The President… has a responsibility to the 70 million… that voted for him to go through all legal means.”

Although the Secretary of State has not called for a recount, Elections officials prepare as they work to audit ballots.

Elections Chairman for Macon-Bibb County, Mike Kaplan, says he never had a doubt about a recount.

“You’re talking thousands of votes, millions of voters, and thousands of votes difference. I think a recount will happen. I hope and pray it will turn out just like the election so people can feel secure.”

The Secretary of State Office requires local elections officials to audit each ballot now. The process makes sure each precinct totals the same number of votes they received. It also makes sure each vote gets processed correctly.

Elections supervisor for Bibb County, Jeanetta Watson, believes a recount will take a lot of work but says she knows each vote will be counted the same as the first time.

“We tried to prepare as best we could for the audit but now… we’re going to go through a recount, so with the new equipment, I’m not sure how they’re going to want us to perform a recount. But I know with the equipment we had prior… we just reuploaded all of the memory cards, rescanned any absentee, military, or provisional ballots and we’re always successful that the totals match.”

Bibb Board of Elections says if President Trump does ask for a recount, it will likely take them a few hours to reprocess the in-person ballots, and up to a week to re-scan the absentee ballots.

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