Wilcox County twister pulls mobile home off its bricks, leaves home minutes down the road untouched

WILCOX COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Wilcox County saw some serious damage Tuesday after a tornado ripped through the area.
A mobile home completely lifted off its foundation left the home’s windows busted and personal items strewn.

But one family less than a two minute drive down the road says the storm must’ve just missed them– because their home didn’t have any damage at all. You could call it a miracle of sorts.

“Why…why hit somebody so close and then miss everybody else?” said resident Dawn Logue.

Logue says she saw the damage that destroyed her neighbors home just two minutes away.

“The trailer had the siding blown off, some of the shingles were missing, windows were busted out of it,” she recalled.

But Logues  grandfather, Otis Wallace, says this isn’t the first time in 40 years living off Highway 159, that a tornado has hit the area– but missed them.

“We’ve been blessed over the years. We’ve seen em come thru and blew down a lot of trees when it hit one year, but it missed us and we’ve just been thankful,” Wallace said.

Logue says the thought is almost scary. “Windows busted out of the cars and everything and then when you pass that and you get home and nothing is wrong with you home it’s like…wow.”

Whether it was a matter of luck or a force of nature, the family says they’ll do whatever they can to help their neighbors down the road pick up the pieces.

Wilcox County Road Department workers say all trees and obstructions have been removed from roadways so roads are safe.

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