Wilcox County residents recover after tornado damage

ROCHELLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – A tornado passed through Wilcox County this weekend and did major damage.

“I wasn’t here when it hit–I came back about an hour later, and this is what I found,” said homeowner Harold Plemons.

Cars slowed down as the drove by Monday to see the damage that hit quickly Saturday near Rochelle in Wilcox County.

“There’s not many of my trees left, one of them’s on top of my house,” said Plemons.

Plemons’s house near American Legion Road took a big hit.

“A hole in the roof and a limb in the living room,” said Plemons.

A storm that produced tornado-like damage knocked down trees and power lines along American Legion Road and throughout the county.

“Well I built here 32 years ago and we’ve had several tornadoes and high winds come through,” said Plemons. “But nothing ever hit me, so I reckon my time was up.”

Now it’s time to deal with cleaning up.

“The main thing we’re doing right now is getting the trees off the house, getting some right away to get to the house with the cars,” said Plemons.

It’s important because Plemons doesn’t want to deal with the possibility of looters.

“There’s so many people out there that want something for nothing,” said Plemons.

There’s a lot of people just driving by slowly and looking as well.

“We do need the folks to kind of stay away and give us a chance to get some of this stuff cleaned up, and then if they want to come by and look then that’s fine, but right now is not a good time,” said Plemons.

Plemons says the power company is already hard at work making sure he gets power back.

He’ll stay in his home while the cleanup is going on.

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