When will Macon’s Cherry Blossoms bloom this year?

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MACON, Georgia(41NBC/WMGT)–  One of the most loved things about cherry trees is that they all bloom at once during the spring. The Japanese Yoshino Cherry Tree has always been the iconic center  piece for the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival here in Macon, and many are wondering when they’re all going to bloom.

A release from the Cherry Blossom Festival’s President and CEO breaks down the facts on how these beloved trees flower, and what factors can effect the timing of the blooms. Studies from William A. Fickling over a 10 year period show specific statistics concerning bloom dates for trees in downtown Macon, as well as a few other spots. These studies showed that the average peak bloom date for Macon is March 23rd, hence why the festival often includes that date within the 10 day period that it runs.

The weather plays a key factor on when the blooms will begin to show up, for instance, in very mild winters trees may not get enough chill hours which will delay the bloom or potentially cause the trees to become confused and bloom at different times. In Macon, due to different microclimates and types of soils, trees often start blossoming at different times throughout the city. These Yoshino Cherry Trees will hold their blossoms for 7 to 10 days, depending on how rainy or windy it is. The age of the tree also effects when it will begin to blossom.

The Keep Macon Bibb Beautiful Commission is in cooperation with many local agencies to bring new varieties and hybrid cherry trees to Macon that are more disease resistant, and better suited for the local climate. The current tree that seems the best suited for that is a variety developed in Washington D.C., named Helen Taft trees. For anyone interested  in helping the project to determine which varieties of cherry trees grow best in Macon, Keep Macon-Bibb Beautiful’s Commissioner and Master Gardener Wayne Woodsworth asks that you reach out and feel free to donate to the effort.

For those still wondering, “yes, but when will the cherry blossom trees bloom this year?”, the release says that given the current forecast for warm weather over the next few weeks, the Cherry Blossom Festival’s President is guessing that the trees will probably bloom in time for the opening weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival on March 18th.

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