What’s Right With Our Schools: Morningside Elementary students learn the importance of eating healthy breakfast

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Walmart has awarded grants to public schools in Houston County to fight hunger and to help students get nutritious food.

Students who attend Morningside Elementary are learning the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.

“It’s like the most important meal of the day,” says fifth grader Diyionia Young.

To keep the little ones’ stomachs full, the Walmart foundation awarded the Partnership for Breakfast in the Classroom (PBIC) more than $850,000 to Houston County schools’ breakfast programs.

It’s something that many school leaders say will help students throughout the day.

“When you eat, you’re already full. You can go to class and be focused on your work,” Young continues.

“We’ve gone in these sixteen schools from serving just under half of the population breakfast, to over eighty five percent,” says Dietitian Lauren Koff.

The grant money has allowed the district to give students options in the morning when deciding what to eat. The funds have also been used to renovate coolers and freezers to store food inside.

Dr. Patricia Witt, principal at Morningside Elementary says she loves the new breakfast program.

“We have two kiosks set up where students can get a breakfast on the go take it to the classroom and prepare for their day in the classroom by eating breakfast in the classroom or our students can come to the lunchroom and get a hot breakfast,” Witt adds.

Witt believes eating a healthy breakfast affects students’ behavior inside the classroom.

“Our students are more alert, they’re more focused, they’re more engaged and they’re ready to learn in the morning,” she explains.

Fourth grader Taleigha Williams says, “Once you eat breakfast, that mean you can get through tests quick easy.”

After the food is served, stomachs are filled and the learning begins.

“After I eat my breakfast, I’m ready to start my day off with a good report,” second grader Rhyshawn Larry adds.

Houston County received the grant summer 2015.

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