What’s Right With Our Schools: ‘Drama Club’ at Huntington Middle builds students’ self confidence

HOUSTON COUNTY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Students at a middle school in Houston County are showcasing their talent and becoming more comfortable being who they are.

Students are part of the “drama club” which lets them hang out friends, have some fun and display their character.

“It’s not just a club, it’s a family,” says sixth grader Ashton Harden. Harden played a lead role in a musical. He says being part of the club allows him to show what he loves to do.

“I love to sing, act and dance. Many people say I’m a triple threat so that’s how I get to express myself,” he explains.

Each year the students do a spring musical.They are given scripts they have to memorize then they can add their own twist to the script where they can express themselves through music and dance.

Drama club student Trey Thompson says, “If we’re goofy, like me sometimes I’ll just express myself too much that I might sometimes get in trouble but we accept each other how we are, we love each other. That’s what makes us look forward to that.”

Teachers say the club boosts students’ confidence and helps them understand it’s okay to be themselves.

Drama Director Kristi Slavik-Pike says, “Kids are bullied, kids are picked on. When kids are themselves in class, they’re scared to be because they’re scared of being picked on, they’re scared to be laughed at and what’s going to be said to them. In drama, they learn that it’s okay to be unique. They learn to express themselves and to be who GOD created them to be.”

Drama student Allison Alday adds, “We accept everyone that comes in doesn’t matter what they look like, it’s just one big family.”

“When I first joined drama club, I probably was one of the most immature kids here. I was always getting on to from Mrs.Pike. Now I only get on to a couple of times from her and I got a whole lot mature, I’m not as nearly as misbehaving as I use to be,” drama student Jaren Zimmerman continues.

Eighth grader Yahzmein Aldarez says,”If I’ve never been in drama, I would be this shy, quiet kid that would just.. I would just be shy and quiet.”

Drama director Kristi Pike says most of the productions remind her of college and high school productions.

She adds the school has had the drama club for about 15 years.

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