What’s Right With Our Schools: Crawford County Middle School uses incentive store as a motivational tool

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Georgia ( 41NBC/WMGT) – Some middle school students in Crawford County are transforming into better leaders through a motivational tool.

The Eagle store, which is an incentive store located on Crawford County Middle School’s campus, is helping students change their attitudes towards learning and building their character.

If students show positive change in their behavior, they’re rewarded eagle dollars, or fake cash to buy items from the store.

“It motivates me, it motivates other kids to succeed in school,” says sixth grader Luke Cody. “I’m able to purchase like things like a tablet, xbox, xboxes are available in the store,” Cody adds.

Students are able to buy items like these all because they’ve demonstrated good performance inside and outside of the classroom.

Eagle store assistant Melessa Hollis says, “Coming to school, helping another student out, being punctual, showing up on time, assisting, volunteering so they can earn eagle dollars for any of those things.”

Teachers, custodians, principals or anyone in the school can give out eagle dollars if they see students doing something right or making improvements.

“You came to school everyday this week and didn’t miss a day so you earn an eagle dollar. You made an “A” on the test or maybe you made an “F” on the test and then the next week you made a “C”, Hollis explains.

Sixth grader Kayleigh Rich says, “I just earn them by being good in class and helping the teachers grade and stuff.”

Students can purchase many items as gifts especially during the holidays.

“I purchased gifts for my dad like tools that we’ve had in the past in here, and I purchased soaps and stuff for my mom for Valentine’s gifts and Mother’s Day,” sixth grader Tylum Searcy adds.

From pencils, to paper, deodorant, lotion, snacks and more, students are eager to make the trip to the eagle store every friday at the end of the school day.

“It’s very exciting to know that I can purchase things that don’t cost as much like in stores with good behavior,” Searcy continues.

Students’ good behavior is helping shape the culture of the school by using an incentive like the Eagle store, for motivation.

The school will have an auction twice a year where the community donates money to get items for the store.

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