Wells Fargo CEO dealing with claw back

Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf is giving up 41 million dollars in pay.

It’s called ‘clawing back’ and happens when an executive is found to have done something fraudulent.

The claw back relates to the still unfolding scandal over millions of fake accounts set up at the bank.

Also senators will be looking to see if Wells Fargo targeted senior citizens when setting up those accounts.

Despite word of its demise, a whole lot of American households still subscribe to cable television.

A new study from the Leichtman Research Group says 82 percent of homes still have TV, cable, satellite and other services.

And we’re paying more for it, an average of 103 dollars a month.

Stocks closed higher after investors digested the debate and consumer confidence numbers were stronger than expected.

The rally came even as energy shares slid as oil dropped.

The Dow gained 133 points.

Choosing the wrong color for your home can end up causing a lot of headaches when it comes to selling.

Homeadvisor says even when painting a home is an easy fix, buyers still turn up their noses at unusual colors like yellow, bright red or yes, pink.

The best colors for home resale are neutrals: beige, gray, and slate.

Get ready to see fewer princesses this Halloween and more super heroes.

The National Retail Federation says this year’s most coveted costume is superheroes, especially female super heroes.

The Washington Post says that stores report Harley Quinn and Supergirl as the most popular so far.

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