Warner Robins Council Fires City Attorney

For the City of Warner Robins the New Year is off to a controversial start after City Attorney Jim Elliot was not reinstated on Monday.

That decision led the first council meeting of the year to turned heated as Mayor Chuck Shaheen called council members embarrassing.

Councilmen Bob Wilbanks, Daron Lee, Paul Shealy, and Mike Daley all voted against Elliot.
Elliot has been the city attorney for 26 years.

“We’ve had several votes this year to get things done…law enforcement center, sports complexes, etc. and you know they still aren’t done and haven’t been started and we need to get those things done,” said Councilman Wilbanks about his decison to not vot in favor of Elliot.

According to Councilman Shealy, Elliot had been acting more like Mayor Shaheen’s personal lawyer than the City’s.

The dismissal of Elliot comes at a time when the city has several pending lawsuits, including one with the Police Department.

Mayor Shaheen said losing Elliot’s service was equivalent to taking steps backwards for the city. Councilmen Thomas Simms and John Williams both voted in favor of Elliot as the city attorney.

Mayor Chuck Shaheen and council members are not sure when they will meet again to discuss an interim city attorney, or how to fill the newly vacant position. 

In other Council news, Daron Lee has been named Mayor Pro-Tem. Councilmen Wilbanks, Shealy, Daley, and Lee himself all voted to make Lee the next Mayor Pro-Tem.  

Council also voted against an alcohol ordinance that would cap the number of liquor licenses to reflect the city’s population to 15. It failed in a 2-4 vote. 

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