Volunteers working to save Byron Animal Shelter dogs

BYRON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – As the city of Byron has grown, so have the number of calls to animal control. Now the city’s animal shelter is at capacity and shelter personnel are working to find a solution.

A few days in dog years may not seem like much–unless those days are numbered.

“Once we have the dogs here we’ll house and feed them. We’re supposed to give it seven days,” said Byron Animal Control’s Clay Fauquier.

But for the dogs sitting in Byron’s animal shelter, their days are numbered.

“Right now people are not adopting because they’re going on vacation and they’re kids are getting out of school,” said volunteer Regina Brahvam.

So they’ve got seven days to find a new home and Fauquier–who runs the shelter–says there’s a catch to that if they don’t.

“It’s at the point now, if I get another dog in here today, which word on the street is I’m about to, I’m full and I have to find somewhere to put them.”

Even if it means putting them down–something both Fauquier and Brahvam want to avoid.

“We currently have about 45 dogs in the rescue so I am ‘slammed’ full right now,” said Brahvam who runs another shelter in Byron. “Trust me, if there was room to pull these guys in I would,” she continued.

But the only way they’re really off the leash is being adopted.

“If they don’t leave, they’re euthanized because there are gonna be more dogs coming in and you cannot pile these dogs on top of one another–it’s not safe for the dogs and it’s the law,” she said.

Brahvam and Fauquier say they’re taking to Facebook to try and find the dogs a home or place for them to stay in the meantime.

“If I can find the dogs a good home or a good rescue to go to, I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen,” said Fauquier.

But even if you’re not interested in adopting, every like and share counts.

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