Video of Perry Police Sergeant dancing with woman gets attention on social media

PERRY, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – To serve and protect goes beyond the badge. That’s especially true for the Perry Police Department.

Putting a smile on people’s faces might as well be in Sergeant Jimmy Jones’ job description.

“That’s just my personality. My wife says I have no shame,” said Sgt. Jones.

While working security at the Georgia National Fair last week, he saw a woman dancing alone. Sgt. Jones thought she needed a partner.

“I didn’t even expect for it to be videoed. I looked up and there was a circle around us and people had their cell phones out,” remembered Sgt. Jones.

The video has thousands of views on the Perry Police Department’s Facebook page.

“I thought it was great. I think that people should, [in] the moment, react the way the feeling hits them, and he did,” said Gary McNutt, a Houston County Resident.

Sgt. Jones didn’t know his dance partner.

“I still don’t know who she is. She hugged my neck and I thanked her for the dance and that was about the extent of it,” explained Sgt. Jones.

“Policemen are people too and it was just him being him,” said McNutt.

It’s not the first time Sgt. Jones has randomly busted a move in public, but it’s the first time he did it in uniform.

“I’m the same person in this uniform as I am off duty,” said Sgt. Jones.

Sgt. Jones’ friends and family agree.

“The big thing is ‘well, that’s Jimmy.’ I mean, it’s not really a surprise,” explained Sgt. Jones.

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