United Way receives $250,000 grant money to assist veterans


MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Veterans are a step closer to getting back to their normal lives.

The United Way of Central Georgia started an initiative to provide veterans and their families with services they need for the transition back to their private lives.

George McCanless, President/CEO of United Way of Central Georgia says, “Some of our veterans that are struggling to survive and re acclimate back into civilian life. So, Mission United was created to be a solution for that problem.”

The United Way of Central Georgia announced they have received $250,000 matching grant money from an anonymous donor to help veterans. Mission United has navigators who are responsible for helping vets receive an array of services to help rebuild their lives.

Mission United Navigator Daniel Charles says, “A lot of our veterans are homeless. They went from homeless to living into nice homes and nice apartments. Some of them are unemployed. We help put them back to work. A lot of them want to go back to school and do HVAC which is heating and air, welding, we helped with commercial truck driving. So we’ve given them resources to get them back into school and let them know what are their options.”

Kevin Hairston is an army veteran. He was sleeping on a cot in the woods before finding out about United Mission. He says his future is much brighter and is thankful.

Hairston says, I’ll probably still be living in the woods. I had a home prior to coming here to Georgia but due injuries, I broke my back, both legs and my foot last September and used up all of my resources. I found myself in a position where I needed help.”

He was sure to get the assistance needed to gain his stability.

“They have provided me with a home to live in, they made it necessary for me to get the home. I have access to lifetime services on cell phones and among other things,” Hairston adds.

“I love to do this everyday I wake up to see what veteran will I help next,” Charles continues.

Mission United started up in central Georgia several months ago. The goal is to match the $250,000 in 6 months.


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