Under The Hood: The importance of maintenance inspections

In this segment of Under the Hood, Sam Raffield talks about your car’s maintenance inspection.

“Raffield Tire Master does these maintenance inspections for free,” Sam said. “Now, when we do a maintenance inspection, we’re checking the components of your car’s safety features and other features. For example, we’re checking your tread depth on your tire, your air pressure on your tire. You may be riding around with a headlight out.”

Sam says Raffield Tire Master checks your headlights, your blinkers, and your wiper blades.

“You don’t even think about needing wiper blades until it starts raining, but it’s too late then,” Sam said. “Nobody wants to go get them replaced at that time. Also, doing your maintenance inspection helps your family budget. You may not need brakes or tires today, but you’re told that, man, about six months, looks like you may be needing them.”

Sam says it helps you plan your family budget for maintenance inspections.

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