Under The Hood: Picking the right tires for your vehicle

On this segment of Under The Hood, Joe Raffield and Sam Raffield discuss the importance of picking the right tires for your vehicle.

Joe says every manufacturer recommends a particular size and actual tread design for your vehicle.

“When you’re purchasing a set of tires, it’s important that you find the right local tire shop that can help you pick the proper tread design for your vehicle,” Joe said. “Do you need a highway tire or an all-terrain tire? We can help you find that out at Raffield Tire Master.”

Joe recommends purchasing all four tires at once. That guarantees optimal performance.

But what if you don’t need all four tires?

“We recommend that you do replace them at least in pairs,” Joe said. “Because if you have one tire, what will happen is the car will actually pull in the direction of that one new tire. So, having a local tire shop that you trust is really important.”

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