Under the Hood: Auto repair money saving tips

In this segment of Under The Hood, Sam gives us some tips on how to save money and cut down on auto repair costs. 

Check your battery 

“When it’s really cold outside or it’s really hot outside, it is rough on the car’s battery,” Sam said. “Plus, with today’s vehicles you’ve got a lot of electronics under the hood of a car, and that requires a lot of power from your battery. Batteries typically last three to five years on average, and it’s important that you check that battery periodically.”

Save your fuel pump 

“You can extend the life of your fuel pump and save yourself a lot of headache from your car being down by keeping at least one-fourth of your tank full of gas, at least one fourth,” Sam said. “It’s that last one fourth when most of the wear and tear on a fuel pump occurs. Other than that, you really just need to do your maintenance, your filters, your tire rotation, et cetera.”

Raffield Tire Master does a free 25 point inspection with every oil change. You can visit one of our six locations in Macon or Warner Robins. 

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