UK Seizes Ship Carrying $160M of Libyan Currency

LONDON  – A British government official says a ship carrying
about $160 million worth of Libyan currency has been impounded
after unsuccessfully trying to dock in Tripoli.

The official said Friday that the ship returned to Britain and
was escorted by a Border Agency cutter to the port of Harwich in
eastern England.

A number of containers full of currency have been moved from the
ship to a secure location.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not
authorized to speak on the record.

She declined to comment on where the currency came from,
although the U.K. is home to international printer De La Rue PLC,
which produces over 150 national currencies.

Britain has banned the unlicensed export of Libyan banknotes in
line with U.N. sanctions.

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