Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office Continues St. Patrick’s Day Roadblock Tradition

St. Patrick’s Day weekend is much like any holiday weekend–people tend to travel more.

And the Twiggs County Sheriff’s office is on high alert on a stretch of I-16 preparing for increased traffic with a roadblock to check up on drivers.

When you think of traditions, you don’t tend to think of roadblocks.

“We’ve been doing this for 15 years–the Sheriff’s office has,” said Chief Deputy of the Twiggs County Sheriff’s Office Billy Boney. “Making the road safe for people on a very busy holiday weekend like St. Patrick’s day which is what this is.”

But Exit 27 heading eastbound on I-16 this afternoon was filled with police officers stopping cars.

And in just two hours out on the side of the road, the Twiggs County Sheriff’s office and multiple other law enforcement agencies have found more than a half pound of marijuana and arrested more than seven people.

And no wonder–these guys are pros.

“And what we’re doing is we’re looking for people that are under the influence or in possession of drugs or have some kind of violation like suspended license,” said Boney.

And Boney says they have a little help from their drug detecting pets.

“If they give us enough reasonable suspicion to make them think something may have gone on in the car–we detect the smell of marijuana or something like that, then we’re gonna walk the dog around the car and see if the dog gives us a positive alert,” said Boney.

Boney says the increased enforcement on this stretch of I-16 has improved public safety dramatically.

“We had numerous fatality accidents on this interstate, I-16, and due to that we started enforcing some traffic laws on I-16, and our fatality rate has decreased tremendously,” said Boney.

And you can partially attribute success like that to a well-practiced tradition.
Boney went on to say if you had legitimate business on Exit 27 and were not breaking any laws, you were allowed to pass.

However, he said 27 is a dead exit, which means it has no gas stations or restaurants–so if you couldn’t explain why you were getting off, it makes you look pretty suspicious.

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