Twiggs County High School students receive laptops

JEFFERSONVILLE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – The Twiggs County School District has taken a step most school systems have not–it’s sending its high school students home with a laptop computer.

A little doubt.

“At first, I was like, I know we’re not gonna get no [sic] Chromebooks,” said Twiggs County Senior Zekia Anderson.

Some disbelief.

“Yeah…disbelief,” said Anderson.

“To start off with, I didn’t like it. The idea of having it, you know because I thought it was gonna be a lot more hassle than it is,” said Twiggs County Junior Kurtis Bennett.

But as soon as Twiggs County junior Kurtis Bennett and senior Zekia Anderson got their hands on their shiny, new Google Chromebook laptops, well, let’s just say they’ve converted.

“They’re convenient, small, not too big, they’re very nice,” said Anderson.

“It’s a lot easier, really, just to type down the notes we have instead of having to pull everything out–it’s just more convenient,” Bennett.

As part of a school improvement grant, every high school student at Twiggs County High received the laptop computer.

Principal Jamie Paulk says he wanted to make sure his students could keep up in a world bursting with new technology.

“To be able to provide additional resources to students that wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have the computers at home as well as at school to do their classwork, to research activities and just to stay current with this new technology inside the social world we’re living in,” said Paulk.

And not only are these Chromebooks slick and slim to fit inside the students backpack, it’s the technology inside that also makes this an attractive buy for Twiggs County Schools.

“We found out that Google is one of those apps that provides a lot of applications for students and teachers to use so that’s why we choose the Chromebooks,” said Paulk.

And since the students received them Saturday, teachers have been taking advantage of a new way to teach.

“My first period classes we’ve done all of our warmups on that, we’ve emailed that to him, and we’ve took notes in it in our Spanish class,” said Bennett.

“You can get on while you’re in class and get on different activities to help you out in class,” said Anderson.

Conversion complete.

“But really and truly, it’s paid off,” said Bennett.

The students also said they had a few rules about the laptops.

You can’t have them out in class without the teacher’s permission, and parents had to sign consent forms to receive the technology,

But, they said it’s still worth it.

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