Tuesday stays hot, scattered storms possible

Tomorrow will be another hot day in Middle Georgia, with highs in the mid 90s and plenty of humidity.

Today was mostly dry across our area, but as high pressure to our north breaks down, we will start to see more showers possible by Tuesday afternoon.

Rain and storms should start to subside by the evening.
By Wednesday the Bermuda High will meander closer to the east coast.

This will bring an increase in Atlantic moisture, which means more showers and storms.

These will generally start at the coast, but work their way into Middle Georgia by the afternoon and evening.

The only good news here, is that it will help to cool things off for the evening.
We will continue to see our summer pattern of hot days with afternoon showers and storms into the weekend.

Although a few storms could be strong, we are not expecting widespread severe storms.
The tropics continue to be pretty active (we are nearing the peak of the season, so that is to be expected), with three different storm systems poised to strengthen over the coming days.

That being said, most of these are still pretty far out, and don’t seem to have much aim for Middle Georgia.

We will keep watching them and updating the forecast as it becomes clearer.

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