TSA wait times better than projected

The worry about long TSA lines through the summer was all for naught.

The government says all of the work it did reduced wait times to less than 30 minutes for most passengers.

Most waited less than 15 minutes to go through security.

The government says much of that success was due to increased enrollment in the pre-check program.

As expected, Apple has killed the headphone jack from its upcoming iPhone 7.

In its place, it’s offering earbuds called airpods.

But people are already complaining on social media, saying they won’t stay in ears and will soon be the most lost item of 2016.

NASDAQ notched another record high.

It was helped by Apple, which unveiled the latest version of the iPhone.

The NASDAQ ended the day at 5283, up 8 points.

Believe it or not, the bankruptcy of a South Korean shipper could make our holiday gifts cost more.

Hanjin Shipping handles about 8 percent of all U.S. cargo.

Its ships are not being allowed to unload or take on cargo as dock workers and tugboat pilots are concerned about not being paid.

That could mean fewer items on store shelves and higher prices.

And a French stud is Dos Equis new ‘most interesting man’.

The 41-year-old french actor Augustin Legrand will take over the famous role.

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