Trump Calls For Party Unity

Donald Trump says the Republican Party must come together to avoid a contested convention, warning his supporters would riot if he’s denied the nomination. NBC’s Chris Clackum reports.

(NBC News) Donald Trump is pleading for party unity after several primary wins Tuesday, and one big loss.

“The fact is we have to bring our party together,” Trump told supporters.

Trump won in Illinois, North Carolina and Florida, knocking Marco Rubio out of the race, but John Kasich easily beat Trump in Ohio.

Kasich told the Today Show by phone Wednesday morning that a contested convention appears likely, and that won’t bode well for either Trump or Ted Cruz.

“The bigger probability for either of these guys is they can’t win a general election,” Kasich said.

Trump, meanwhile, told CNN Wednesday morning that if he’s denied the nomination, bad things would happen and his supporters would riot.

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