Toddler Born Without Ears Now Thriving

(KTTC) A 2-year-old Minnesota girl was born without most of her ears and is suffering from several other health issues, but she continues to make remarkable progress.

Mackenzie Brainard, who will turn 3 years old in January, was born with microtia (absence of the outer ears) and atresia (absence of the ear canals). These conditions require her to wear a hearing aid wrapped around her head.

In addition, Mackenzie was born with a smaller-than-normal jaw, which makes speaking and chewing difficult. She was also born with holes in her heart, which affects her energy.

Last fall, Mackenzie could not move her mouth that much and had to be tube-fed. But her mouth has since gotten stronger, allowing her to eat solid food. She was able to remove her feeding tube in March when it became unnecessary.

She even said her first word about a month ago.

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