Tips on what to do if you see a snake

MACON, Georgia (WMGT/41NBC) – Now that the weather is warmer, you might see a snake in your yard.

According to the Macon’s Museum of Arts and Sciences Animal Assistant, Janae Matthews, a lot of people ask what they should do if they see a snake.

Matthews says it’s rare to see a venomous snake, and only six of the 46 species of snakes in Georgia are venomous.

“To try and keep snakes away, you should keep your grass cut, look into dark places before reaching and grabbing objects. The copperhead snake which blends in so well with all the pine straw in the leaves here in Georgia is a snake that actually bites the most people here in Georgia because they are camouflaged at times,” said Matthews.

Matthew also says, if you see a snake don’t mess with it. Call the Georgia Department of Natural Resources at (404) 656-3500 for them to safely remove it.

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