The B.S. Report: Was Jimbo Fisher’s “not about winning” comment right?

MACON, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – Saturday night, after his Seminoles were shocked in Atlanta by the last-second touchdown of Georgia Tech, FSU coach Jimbo Fisher made a peculiar comment.

Now look, sometimes after a bad loss a coach will make a dumb comment, but this takes the cake. Fisher said, and I quote, “Sometimes you worry about winning too much. It’s not about winning. It’s about the process of playing and playing well – being the best you can be.” Unquote. It’s not all about winning? Did he really say that? Yes, he really did.

Well, Coach Fisher, it is all about winning.

Why have some coaches turned into Mary Poppins? This is not flag football at the YMCA. This is not something you get a participation plaque for. This sport is about trophies. This sport is about championships. Yes, it is ALL about winning.

It might have been simply a defense mechanism to fend off criticism. It might have been a slip of the tongue. But, if you are a Florida State fan, how do you feel about the coach saying, “It’s not about winning?” Well, let’s see. Coaches are paid a lot of money in college football. Jimbo Fisher makes $5 million a year. If it’s not about winning, why is he paid so much money? To be a life coach? Fisher has won 64 games and lost only 12 since he replaced the legendary Bobby Bowden. That’s an .842 winning percentage. I bet if he had not won a National Championship two years ago, Fisher would not be paid that much. He’s paid based on wins, but yet he said “It’s not about winning?”

That was the dumbest quote from a coach in the history of sports.

Look, you can make the case that for 7-year-olds playing flag football that it’s not about winning. Sure, you’re trying to teach them sportsmanship and how to play the game. Yes, it is about how you play the game. But didn’t former NFL coach Herm Edwards say, “You play to win the game?” Yes. And they do that even when they are teaching 7-year-olds in flag football. If not, why would they keep score? They keep score because they want to win. Even there, for young kids, it is about winning. It’s about winning in middle school and high school and especially in a sport where teams are paid millions of dollars to be on TV.

Sure, college kids are not professionals. They do need to learn about how to play the game better. It is a teaching situation, as it is when they are younger. If they graduate from that level, they may be good enough to get paid to play. But it doesn’t matter where they are playing… and Herm Edwards said it best, “You play to win the game.”

The Georgia Bulldogs better not be going to Jacksonville later this week to simply participate. They better go down there to win. That’s why Mark Richt is paid $4 million dollars – to win big games, to beat Florida, to win championships. It’s not about anything else. Coach Fisher, you are wrong, and your comment was embarrassing. How about this – if you believe it’s not all about winning, you need to go write self-help books. Be Anthony Robbins. Be Benny Hinn. But don’t coach football.

That’s why your players want to play for you – to win games. That’s why your fans watch – to win games. And that’s why coaches get paid a fortune – to win games.

To say it’s not, well, that’s just a big joke. 

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