Thanksgiving Mix-Up Becomes Tradition

(NBC NEWS) A Thanksgiving mix-up is now turning into a holiday tradition for two Arizona residents.

Last Thanksgiving, Wanda Hence accidentally invited Jamal Hinton, a total stranger, to Thanksgiving. Wanda thought she was texting her grandson, but instead texted Jamal, and he actually came.

Screenshots of their text message exchange went viral on Twitter almost instantly.

One year later, Wanda asked Jamal to come again, guessing he probably had other family plans. Just like last Thanksgiving, Jamal did not hesitate.

“She was so nice and welcoming last year, I said I would be there,” Jamal said, after eating Thanksgiving at her Mesa home for a second year in a row. “She’s a great friend.”

“He always has an open invite to our house for Thanksgiving,” Wanda said, when asked if this might become a tradition.

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