Texas gunman had violent past

(NBC News) Before 26-year-old Devin Kelley opened fire on his in-law’s church Sunday, he had already established a pattern of troubling behavior, from harassing former girlfriends and an arrest for animal cruelty.

“He was very sick in the head,” a former girlfriend of Kelley, Katy Landry, told NBC News in a Facebook message. “He would tell me very sick, strange things.”

Kelley also committed assault on his first wife and infant stepson, where he fractured the baby’s skull, in 2012 while he was in the Air Force. The resulting domestic violence conviction should have made it illegal for him to buy firearms.

In a statement, the Air Force admits his court-martial was never entered into the National Criminal Database, a mistake the Department of Defense is now reviewing.

New details are emerging about what went on inside that church, investigators found 15 empty magazines and hundreds of spent shells.

“I can tell you the scene in there is horrific. I can’t even describe it,” said FBI Special Agent in Charge, Christopher H. Combs.

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