Telfair County voters decide on two term limit for elected officials

MCRAE, Georgia (41NBC/WMGT) – In 1963, the legislature passed a law limiting elected officials to two terms in Telfair County.

In Tuesday’s election, residents can vote on whether to repeal this law.

Some residents believe this law has affected economic growth, while others think it allows more people to be active in the government.

“You had a few people running and dictating what took place in the county,” explained Thomas Cartwright, a Telfair County resident.

Cartwright remembers what it was like before the two term tenure law was put into place. He, alone with other Telfair County residents agree. They believe it was a corrupt time.

“Certain groups of people that were holding office for decades,” said Robert Johnson, an officer of the Helena Police Department.

In Tuesday’s general election, Telfair County will decide if they want to keep this law.

Cartwright wants this law to stay in place because he said it opens the door to new ideas.

“It allowed more people to get involved with new ideas and different opinions,” explained Cartwright.

Other residents think the law doesn’t give elected officials enough time to make an impact with their position. They said it’s hurt the economic development of Telfair County.

“If you look back at the hundreds of jobs that we’ve lost in the 40 years that this law has been inacted, I believe there is a connection between the two,” explained Terry Cook, a Telfair County business owner.

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