Tehama Shooting Victim Awakens From Coma

(NBC NEWS) A father and son are recovering at a Chicao, California hospital iafter being shot during last week’s Tehama County rampage.

James Woods II, 20, and his 43-year-old father, James Woods Sr., were shot last week when Kevin Neal went on a shooting spree through the small town of Rancho Tehama Reserve. Five people were killed and 12 others were injured.

Woods was driving his father to the post office that morning when Neal drove up alongside them and started shooting.

“I looked over at him,” Woods II, said, recalling turning his head to the left to look at the passing car. “And next thing you know, my mouth boom. And my ears were a war zone. He got me good.”

Neal fired at them seven times within eight feet, the family said. One bullet hit Woods II in the jaw and then hit his father in his cheek.

“I said, ‘I’m probably not going to make it, dad. But, I love you,'” Woods II said. “It was hard.”

Woods II was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery to replace his jaw. A part of his tongue was also removed because the bullet damaged it. He woke up Monday and is able to speak with help from a medical device. His father did not leave his side over the past week.

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