Tech Byte: New technology removes need for eye dilation

In today’s Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo talks about a new technology that removes the need for eye dilation during an eye exam.

Cassulo spoke to Dr. Joshua Crowder with Crowder Eye Center about the Optos Daytona machine and eye health. The machine takes an optomap image, making it more convenient for patients having to get a routine exam.

“[It allows] us to capture a lot of information within somebody’s eye,” Crowder said. “It gives us very detailed imaging of the eyes.”

Crowder says a lot of his patients love the technology because “they don’t have any of the blurred vision or light sensitivity that’s oftentimes associated with just having your eyes dilated.”

Crowder says the machine has been around for several years, but the technology continues to grow. It gets more detailed images of the eye with higher resolution pictures.

Crowder also says that the machine can find other potential health issues.

“We have other people who may not have a known eye condition but may be diabetic, or have high blood pressure, or maybe just have a family history of specific eye disease or condition, and this technology allows us to get a very detailed look inside the eye, allow us to detect those problems before they become a problem,” Crowder said.

He says just one exam can tell a lot about your overall health.

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