SpaceX to land rockets on Mars ‘well before 2030’

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March 24, 2021

Intel announced on Tuesday that it will spend $20 billion to build two major factories in Arizona.

The news comes amid a worldwide chip shortage that is Snarling Industries from automobiles to electronics and worries the U.S. is falling behind in semiconductor manufacturing.

3000 people will be hired. 


“Black Widow” will now debut on July 9 in cinemas and through premier access on Disney+ for $30.

Pixar’s “Luca” will now debut exclusively on Disney+.

The company has shifted the dates for several of its films.


Elon Musk says SpaceX will be landing rockets on Mars ‘well before 2030’.

He was responding to an ARS Technica report about Europe only beginning to study competing technology from 2030. 

Musk said European rocket efforts are “aiming too low”, stating that only “rockets that are fully & rapidly reusable” are going to be competitive.


Citigroup has banned internal Zoom calls on Fridays in an effort to stop staffers from running themselves ragged while they work from home.

The new CEO says since they are a global business, some people were doing Zoom calls after hours to accommodate different time zones and getting burned out.

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