Tech Report: Google sets to advance minorities

Zoom booms

Zoom video communications is planning to offer all it’s free and paying users end-to-end encryption for video calls and will launch a trial version in July.

The company, whose business has boomed with the coronavirus lockdowns forcing more people to work from home.

Google to hire more minorities

Google announced a new hiring goal to dramatically boost the number of black executives at the search giant.

Google’s leadership is 2.6% “black+,” and 3.7% “latinx+,” according to the company’s 2020 diversity report, which didn’t define those categories. nearly two-thirds of the leadership is “white+.”

Samsung’s six-camera phone

A new patent reveals that Samsung is working on a six-camera array that could appear in the Galaxy S30.

The cameras can move and tilt the sensors individually.

The sensors on each side could be arranged to look in opposing directions to allow for what the patent describes as a panoramic shot with the background blurred, as well as other photo effects that are currently impossible on phones.

Twitter’s voice tweets

Twitter debuts a new voice tweet feature as a way to add ‘human touch’ to the platform.

The voice tweets could be up to 140 seconds of audio.

Some are asking how twitter will monitor the audio recordings.

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