Tech Report: Apple Watch helps combat COVID-19

Apple Watch helps combat COVID-19

Apple Watch has a new feature to help combat COVID-19, sensing that a person wearing the watch is washing their hands and then ensuring they keep washing for the recommended 20 seconds.

During the washing, he added, the watch will count down 20 seconds offer coaching to encourage thoroughness and then light up with a “well done” message at the end.

Netflix breaks record

Netflix had a record close, and for the longest win streak since before the coronavirus outbreak.

It could be getting a renewed lift from data showing that half of the US’s states have been seeing an acceleration in new COVID-19 cases.

T-Mobile stock sell

Softbank plans to sell up to $21 billion worth of T-Mobile stock.

The sale, which represents about 65% of Softbank’s stake in T-Mobile, is part of Softbank’s efforts to free up cash as the coronavirus pandemic has hurt several of its key investments.

Microsoft gives up video streaming service

Microsoft is giving up on running its own video streaming service for playing games, mixer. 

It’s telling users to go to Facebook for game streaming instead. 

Facebook gaming is a new app and portal on Facebook that primarily features game streams, similar to Amazon-owned Twitch.

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