Tech Report: Apple facing production delays

Apple facing production delays

Apple is facing delays of between four weeks and two months for mass production of the four models in its 5G lineup after postponements caused by factory lockdowns and workplace absences during the pandemic, sources told the Nikkei Asian Review.

Apple has been betting heavily on the 5G range to help it against rivals including Samsung, which introduced 5G-capable smartphones last year.

Apple Insider reports Apple is pressuring it’s production partners to speed things up. 

Apple recloses stores

Meanwhile, Apple is re-closing 30 more stores in the US as coronavirus cases have spiked across the country.

Apple will be re-closing stores in Alabama, California, Georgia, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, and Oklahoma.

Samsung Galaxy S20’s copper finish

There are some leaked pictures of what is said to be the Samsung Galaxy S20. 

The internet is loving its copper finish. 

Every flagship phone for Samsung generally gets its own signature color.

Antitrust hearing

Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook CEOs will appear at an antitrust hearing in late July.

Recode reports they will be questioned on antitrust issues-in other words are they so big and rich they can squash any competition.

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