Tech Report: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos looks to buy CNN

Microsoft’s Cloud Business gathers steam as the pandemic boosted growth.

For Microsoft, it has also boosted demand for its Windows operating systems for laptops and its Xbox gaming services as families work, learn and play from home, leading to profit that was about 30 percent above expectations.

Amazon is hiring a hundred thousand workers to help it get packages out over the holidays. 

The employees will help pick, pack, and ship customer orders across Amazon’s network of warehouses in the US and Canada. 

Amazon said California, Texas, Maryland, Georgia, and New Jersey are the top states where it will hire employees.

Ordering a flame-grilled Whopper from the Burger King drive-thru may be more fun in the months ahead.

It will add digital drive-thrus to 10,000 Burger King locations.

It allows restaurant chains to show the weather on screens, quickly change promotions, and offer new items on the fly depending on what’s selling well.

Fox Business Reports Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos may be looking to buy CNN. 

It cites investment bank chatter, especially bankers that deal with media industry deals. 

There has been speculation that AT&T is looking to sell CNN.

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