Tech Byte: At-home-workout apps to help move through pandemic

In this segment of Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo talks about at-home workout apps — especially since gyms and fitness centers won’t be reopening in a lot of states.


The “FitOn: Fitness Workout Plans” app helps users lose weight and get fit anytime, anywhere.

The app gives users access to hundreds of free workouts — some even with celebrity trainers. It also has articles that give you tips on how to take care of yourself both physically and mentally.

Classes range from cardio to strength training, to yoga, Pilates and dance.

You can do your exercises with other people, or on your own. You don’t even need any equipment.

You can also use a bigger screen than your phone, and watch the workout classes online using your computer or TV.


Wakeout! is the perfect app to help busy people get exercise, but you have to subscribe.

And right now because of the coronavirus pandemic, those with an active subscription can add five more people for free.

The app has more than a thousand exercises and routines. You can do the exercises in as little as 30 seconds at a time, to stay active while on a tight schedule.

Yoga Studio: Mind & Body app

The Yoga Studio: Mind & Body app offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced HD video yoga classes, plus guided audio meditations, and even a reference guide on the different yoga poses.

You can also download classes.

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