Tech Byte: Work-from-home apps help organize workflow

In this segment of Tech Byte, Emily Cassulo looks at some work-from-home apps that can help users organize workflow.


Communication is key when working from home. A popular app that helps co-workers and employers stay in touch is Slack.

Slack lets users form groups and send messages to each other. The app includes other features like video calls and sharing work documents.

It’s also compatible with both Apple and Android devices.


Cassulo says another great app for communication — Zoom.

Zoom makes it easy for businesses to hold meetings, webinars, and conferences via video chat.

The app only needs one person to download it. The person with the app sends out a group link, and that allows users access.


Cassulo says working from home can be convenient, but distracting.

Enter Serene. This app helps to keep you motivated and productive.

Just log in and set it to block distracting apps and websites. This helps you can stay focused and get your work done.

Serene is currently available for Apple’s macOS, but a Microsoft Windows version is in the works, as well.


Cassulo reminds us that if we have an iPhone or iPad, we can use FaceTime. As for these apps and plenty of others, you can find them all in your phone’s app store.

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