Tech Byte: Planet Fitness app helps you meet your fitness goals

Emily Cassulo reports

Chris Skipp with Planet Fitness says they’ve recently updated the gym’s smartphone app.

“It’ll also allow you to track your activities, so it’ll give you sample exercises and sample workouts, and you can track your progress of those workouts going forward,” Skipp said.

You can also use the app to see when different workout classes are happening and sign up for them.

“Our classes are limited in size, so what it gives you the chance to do is on any given day, you can go on and actually schedule yourself for the class directly from the app.”

You can even use it to check in to the gym, instead of having to bring along your membership card. Skipp says many of their members are first-time gym users, and working out can be intimidating.

The app can help make them more comfortable. You don’t necessarily have to have the app to take advantage of all the tech here either.

Skipp says some of the equipment even has a QR code to help with a workout.

“You can scan the QR code actually on your smartphone, and that too will give you a little sample of what that particular piece of equipment is used for, and how that exercise is supposed to look.”

This puts you a step closer to accomplishing at least one of your New Year’s resolutions in 2020.

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