Tech Byte: Samsung’s new foldable phones

Samsung is banking on foldable phones for the future.

The tech company unveiled two new versions of them August 11 – the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, and the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.

“It allows you to open it up, whether you like to watch media, maybe you’re sending e-mails, working on a document, there’s just tons of cool things you can actually do with the foldable phones,” said Nathan Roach, Best Buy.

The Fold is an upgraded version of the Galaxy Z Fold2, and opens up like a tablet.

The Flip is similar to a high tech flip phone.

“These really give you the nostalgia of a flip phone, but with modern technology, depending on which model you get where literally you can open it up, and now you have a screen on the top and the bottom, where in the old days, you just had the screen on the top, and buttons on the bottom,” Roach said.

Samsung says the new phones are thinner, yet more durable than the older ones.

Roach says there are a lot of cool features that are only specific to the foldable phones.

“You can do split screen, which is really nice. You can actually have two things up. You could be working on two documents. A lot of them will have a stylus that’s available, so you can actually use it and actually take notes – write on it like a regular piece of paper. And then, of course, they’ve got all the great technology of wonderful cameras, things like that that all the modern smartphones have, as well.”

Both the Fold and Flip also come in several colors, though the Flip gives you more to choose from.

The Flip will cost you around $1,000, and the Fold is about $800 more.

You can pre-order the new Galaxy foldable phones now.

When you get them, however, depends on which color phone you picked.

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