(41NBC/WMGT) —  Taking pain pills can be a pain in itself, but there are ways tech can give you some relief instead.

“I want to get off opioids as quickly as I could, obviously. But also I didn’t want to have a lot of pain…” said Bob Main, a patient recovering from a knee surgery but with the help from Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Matthew Bernard, Main was able to get off of opioids in less than a week using a new machine called The Iovera Machine.

“The Iovera machine will identify your nerves that go to your knee and there’s liquid nitrogen on one side and there’s needles on the other side and it will freeze that nerve,” said Dr. Bernard “By freezing that nerve it will gradually grow back over a series of months but it quits sending messages to the brain, so we get some pretty good superficial pain control that’s long-lasting.”

Dr. Bernard has used The Iovera Machine to not only cut back on giving out opioids, but even prevent having to give out any all together!\

To learn more about this machine that’s helping patients be pain free, go to

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